Xbox One Razer Atrox Mod Start to Finish

I had a customer that wanted a Razer stick modded for PS4, so he shipped it to me directly from Amazon. He wanted a visual documentation of the process, so I took extra care and took a LOT of photos. I just realized I forgot to show where the other side of the wires went, but basically since there is an extra set of pins that connect to the buttons, I used wires similar to these to solder one side to the FC4, and the other end gets placed onto the pin headers. Minimal soldering needed, very stable, and easy to undo!

Anyway, onto the photos! Hover over the photos to see my caption and click to enlarge.

Tri modded VS

I ended up doing two of these for one customer. These use an impV2 for switching consoles, a cerberus for PC/PS3 and an xbox one controller.  This mod runs $200 plus return shipping . This tournament has wireless disabled and is 100% tournament legal.

xbone trimod

xbone trimod

Keystick for Kei

This uses all white sanwa buttons including 4 OBSF-24KK buttons for the directions. This is modded with a TE Kitty for multi console support and also uses a Toodles SOCD cleaner. This required a custom metal panel and plexi from (no longer available 🙁 )


OmegaXF’s LED and Art mod

On top are 4 Seimitsu Purple screw-ins and below are 4 Sanwa smoke buttons. The button cutouts are too small at the moment but my artist is redoing them and I will update the pic when done.


Also, the FGwidget is wired backwards because OmegaXF is a Zero player and holding jab would initiate the config mode. Buttons are wired normally for play.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 buttons

4 3 2 1
8 7 6 5 LEDs