Sticks for Sale

Prices are listed for Universal Compatibility and include shipping within the US. Add $120 for LEDs except for the already LED Modded Eightarc Fusions. Can also have different buttons/artwork upon request. Please email me at to purchase, purchasing done through PayPal invoicing so your payment information is safe and secure. Also accepting trades for parts/old sticks, please email to discuss!


I wish to sell my inventory as premodded sticks only, not stock. Please do not email me asking for a stock stick unless you wish to pay the modded premium without any actual mods. For every stick price listed, you will see the stock price as well as the total with Dual, Tri or Quad (360/PS3/Xbone/PS4) prices listed. Add another $120 for LEDs with Clear or Smoke Sanwa buttons – discount only available when bundled!