Warranty/Return Policy

If there happens to be an issue, either through my oversight or something coming loose while in transit,  we can attempt to troubleshoot. I assume everyone knows how to change a button on their stick and get inside it if they need to, and will have basic tools or access to them (screwdriver, etc.) I will never ask you to do something that is beyond a reasonable expectation, such as solder a wire or redo my work, otherwise what’s the point in hiring me, right? If you are certain you are comfortable with self repairing and/or troubleshooting, then we might find an easy fix or that it’s a non issue. Stuff happens! It’s not the end of the world, so let’s get your stick up and running as quickly as possible =)

My work is guaranteed with a lifetime electronic warranty. If a PCB dies or doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, after troubleshooting, I will replace it for the cost of the part alone. Labor is fully covered. My warranty is also transferable to a new owner, so sell your stick and buy used with confidence!
If you attempt to modify the electronics, such as rewiring, changing LED order, dual/tri modding, etc., and it does not go well, you will be charged labor to repair it and/or finish the mod for you if you seek my assistance. I cannot be held responsible for mod work that you or your friend/other modder cannot complete.However, I consult for free for my customers, so if you wish to mod something after you received my work and aren’t sure how to go about it, don’t be afraid to shoot me an email and ask me for the best course of action.

Shipping is not covered for warranty work or returns. If there is something wrong with your stick and you wish to return it or have it repaired, you will pay shipping both ways. This can be countered if you wish to meet up locally or at an event, as I travel about 9 months out of the year.

Refunds will be handled as such:

  • Labor cost refunded
  • Shipping not refunded (included in mod/stick price usually)
  • Parts not refunded unless returned

For example, if you mail me a stick for a $160 UFB mod, and wish to have it refunded, you will receive the difference between the UFB ($100) and shipping (varies). If you would like the most out of your refund, you can mail the stick back to me and/or the parts that I modded it with, and I will refund you everything minus the shipping cost. The parts must not be damaged or vandalized in any way, or else they will not be refunded.

Lastly, I do not respond well to threats. I consider myself a professional and a gentleman, and I give respect and return it where it is due. I would rather take hours out of my day (and hopefully not yours) to remedy an issue than refund you and be done with it. I want all of my customers to be happy with my work and the product they receive from me.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your continued support!

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